About Dr. J


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Dr. J MD is a medical professional who has a family with great medical practitioners and he always followed in his family’s footsteps. If we speak about Dr. J MD has done his surgical internship at the University of Alabama and Phoniex’s Good Samaritan Hospital was his medical training hub. Dr. J MD is an American Board-Certified Physician anti aging clinic specialization in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, hair transplants, and regenerative medicine.
Dr. J MD has all the best skills to help you find the right treatment solutions. A teacher, educator, and mentor Dr. J MD is ISSCA, ACCMA & CMA certified. He has spent the last decade mastering aesthetic and regenerative medicine. He has performed thousands of Hair Procedures, trust Dr. J MD you are in the best hands.
Dr. J MD as a child from his childhood was blessed with the ability to create things. He says “I used to make ceramic Mardi Gras masks: mold bake and paint them”. Even he as a child was able to write on a grain of rice. He elaborated ” I was able to write the whole sentence like “I Love New Orleans”.
At New U Med Spa Dr. J MD has devoted his talents and his precious time to his patients and he has been providing his services for the past two decades, he wants his patients to leave his place with the whole satisfaction. This is the place where every individual is given special consideration according to their needs.