Sage Printer Not Activated Error: Troubleshooting and Preventive Measures for Seamless Financial Reporting


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Seeing a Sage printer not activated error when trying to generate reports or statements from your Sage accounting software can certainly disrupt workflows. It indicates the printers previously validated and enabled in Sage have become unexpectedly deactivated or disconnected.

Common triggers leading to deactivations include exceeding license limits, corrupted print activation files, driver conflicts, permission changes on resources, and unsupported plug-ins. Without activated printers, Sage cannot successfully pass report data through to the output trays for printing.

Fixing this involves confirming total printer licenses are not capped out, validating drivers meet compatibility requirements, and using Sage’s inbuilt “Activate Printer” option to re-enable the correct pathway mappings to approved printers. For deeper issues, fully removing then re-adding printers can reset and validate correctly.
As a preventative measure, centralizing approved printer models, maintaining buffer room on licenses, keeping drivers updated, and backing up print activation components minimizes surprise deactivations in future.

Staying on top of printer connection management in Sage minimizes disruptions generating accounting statements and reports central to daily operations.